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Mountain Chute Control Room and Lunchroom Roof Replacement

Mountain Chute Control Room and Lunchroom Roof Replacement

TA Andre completed the contract to remove the existing membrane and reinstall a new inverted roofing system along with flashing, handrail and other roofing repairs. The project was to solve the water leaking into the lunchroom and washroom area.

The Background

The Mountain Chute Generating Station roof system that is upstream from the control room and lunch area was leaking and all past remedial measures had not been successful.  During inclement weather, OPG observed water leakages in the washroom and lunchroom areas, ductwork insulation was saturated and other water damaged materials was found. The 2001 roof replacement and the 2014 corrective actions of drain cleaning and new a membrane were not successful.

The Challenge and Solutions

Once the roof replacement work was completed, TA Andre completed a subsequent investigation to trace ongoing water leaks that may cause water infiltrating the lunch room meeting room and washroom level. TA Andre identified that additional infiltrations came from the dam/penstock area rather than the roof. To address this issue, TA Andre drilled and inject existing cracks in the penstocks to seal these risk areas. This change was successfully completed with the assistance of Multiurethanes.

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