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How Andre Construction is helping with COVID-19

How Andre Construction is helping with COVID-19

We are continuing to help the community during this period of uncertainty. 

This disruption has forced many of our community organizations to close, and our Kingston YMCA is no exception. Andre Construction is committed to our community and as such we have donated to the YMCA’s ongoing operations. We hope our support and the support of others will provide the Y with the resources they need to continue their essential community work.

If you would like show your support, you can donate here.

Andre Construction is following government and health authority guidelines and practicing COVID 19 procedures to slow the spread of the virus.

This means that we introduced several policies which include working from home, video conferencing and cancelling all non essential travel.

During this time we are still serving our clients, planning and working to improve constructability of future projects. This includes developing protocols to incorporate COVID 19 procedures in our workplan.

At the same time, we are in the field working at emergency projects that have been authorized by the Ontario Government.


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